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4 Ways to Stay Stress Free this Holiday Season

November 28th, 2017

The holidays are one of the most joyous times of the year, filled with love and laughter. But with all the joy and excitement that this time of year brings can also come a great deal of stress. All the chaos of planning and attending multiple holiday parties, buying and preparing gifts to give and trying to keep up holiday traditions may have you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. It’s easy to forget the true value and meaning of the holidays when you're too busy feeling stressed out; here are a few things you can do to maintain sanity and reduce your stress levels this holiday season.

Get Outside

Take a walk, go on a run, simply sit on a park bench taking in some fresh air, whatever you can do to take a break from it all outside, do it. Being in the outdoors, breathing in that cool, crisp air can sometimes be all you need to reset and recharge to make it through another day of gift shopping and meal prepping.

Stick with a Routine

If your normal routine is to wake up and go to the gym, get coffee and then start your day, don’t stray away from that. It’s important to keep a sense of normalcy in your routine throughout the holidays so you don’t completely exhaust yourself. If you usually go to bed by 10pm, don’t stay up until 1am online shopping. Do the things you need to do to be your best self and everyone will thank you.

Don’t overschedule yourself

Do you find yourself getting invited to more holiday parties than you are willing and/or able to attend? If so, try not to agree to attend all of them. Pick and choose one or two to go to a week and politely decline the others. After all, there is always next year to go to your second cousins ugly Christmas sweater party.


You should never put your exercise routine on the backburner, especially not during the holidays. One of the best things you can do to reduce stress is to do some sort of physical activity. The endorphins your body receives after a good workout will have you feeling like you can conquer anything the holidays throw at you.

Fighting the Candy Craving

October 24th, 2017

It’s that time of year again--the time when everywhere you go, there is likely to be a bowl of candy on the counter inviting you to take a piece or two. It’s also the time of year when your kids come home with bags of sugary treats from all the Halloween parties and trick-or-treating fun surrounding the holiday. Resisting the temptation to overindulge in sweet treats can be hard, especially when they are right in front of your face asking to be eaten!  That’s why we’re here to help you fight the urge to put your hand in that candy jar once and for all! Here are a few simple, healthy alternatives to help you satisfy that sugar craving without feeling guilty.

1. Frozen Fruit

If you are more inclined to go for the fruity-flavored candy, just eat the real thing instead! Frozen fruit, like grapes for instance, have the sweet flavor and crunchy texture, but are a whole lot better for you! And they are bite sized, so you can eat a few without a sugar overload!

2. Honey Sticks

Naturally sweet and easy to eat, honey sticks make for the perfect sweet-tooth fix. Honey is nature’s energy source, and a great tasting one at that!

3. Natural Fruit Leather Strips

You may have these already on hand for kids lunches or a grab-n-go snack, but organic fruit leather strips can be a simple fix for a sweet craving. They also are a great item to hand out to trick or treaters instead of traditional candy.  

4. Unsweetened Greek Yogurt with Fruit

This may be what you eat for breakfast or a snack, and it’s a great go to when you have the urge to grab that piece of candy in the afternoon. Add your favorite fruit or nuts to it to give it some extra flavor and texture, making it even more satisfying.

5. Chewing Gum

This is obviously not an option for people with braces, but chewing flavored gum is a great way to satisfy that sugar craving without totally indulging in another food group.

Don’t let the candy cravings get the best of you! And, have a wonderfully spook-a-licious Halloween!

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7 Things Your Dentist Knows Just By Looking In Your Mouth

October 4th, 2017

Believe it or not, your dentist can discover a lot about your overall health by simply looking in your mouth. It may sound a little creepy, but it’s actually quite interesting how your mouth is a window to the rest of your body. Your oral health can show signs of bad habits and illness. It can be your dentist who first identifies the signs of diseases like anemia or cancer and allow you to seek out early treatment. Here are 7 things your dentist can find out about your health at your next appointment.

1. You are vitamin deficient

Your mouth can provide a lot of indicators alerting your dentist that you may be deficient in certain vitamins. Bleeding gums, increased infection, burning tongue syndrome, delayed healing among other conditions can all be caused due to a lack of certain vitamins.

2. You’re pregnant

Surprised or not, your dentist can identify signs from your mouth indicating that you are pregnant. It will likely be the case that you already know you are pregnant, so hopefully it won’t be a shock when they bring it up. Gingivitis is a big giveaway for pregnant women due to the increase in progesterone, causing bacteria to build up. In some cases, women can develop a temporary, benign pregnancy tumor on their gums/

3.You bite your nails

Your dentist won’t have to look at your nails to know you engage in this bad habit! Your teeth will do the talking for you. This habit can make your front teeth uneven and crack and chip at the enamel on your teeth. Your nails and teeth will thank you by quitting your nail biting cold turkey!

4. You have oral cancer

Cancer is never a word you want to hear, but it’s always good to be diagnosed sooner than later. Bleeding gums, patches of discoloration and jaw pain are all symptoms you may have oral cancer, and you should seek treatment immediately.

5. You have an eating disorder

People who are bulimic likely have a unique wear on their teeth that indicates to a dentist an eating disorder. The erosion is usually completely on the tongue side of your teeth and can lead to increased cavities over time. Acid erosion is not always a sign of an eating disorder, but if it is in fact true, your dentist can help you seek additional medical care and support.

6. If you’re actually flossing and how often

Something we all try to lie and get away with, but you can’t fool your dentist with this one. We all know how important flossing is, but when it comes to doing it as a part of your daily routine, the task can seem daunting. If you think you can get away with flossing right before your appointment, think again. Your red, irritated gums will give it away as soon as you go to open your mouth.

7. You love sugary drinks

If sports drinks and soda are part of your daily diet, your dentist will know. Drinks high in sugar will over time soften your teeth and can decrease the enamel, which can lead to chipped teeth. Cutting down on your intake of these sugary beverages will not only benefit your oral health, but your overall health as well.

Next time you go to the dentist, be prepared to find out more than just if you have any cavities. Your dentist has the capability to tell you a whole lot about your health, and inform you of things you should be aware of.

Back to School with Braces

August 29th, 2017

As summer winds down and the weather begins to cool, it can only mean one thing--it’s time for kids to go back to school. If braces are a new addition to your child or teenager’s back-to-school attire, and you’re struggling to figure out what to pack in their lunch--especially now that many lunchtime go-to items are off limits--we are here to help! Here are 10 quick, easy, kid-approved lunch ideas that will have your kiddo satisfied and happy to share with his or her friends at the lunch table.

1. PB&J

A classic kid-approved lunch that’s also a great menu item for when you have braces. To change things up, try using almond butter and honey!

2. Turkey & Hummus Roll Ups

Grab some deli sliced turkey, or whatever your lunch meat of choice, and your kid’s favorite hummus to create a delicious, healthy lunch! P.S. depending on what your kiddo is up for, you can add all kinds of other filler, like sprouts, tomatoes, cucumbers and other veggies to this fun lunch addition.

3. Pudding/Jello/Yogurt

One of the easiest go-to snacks for your kid’s lunch, these come in plenty of flavors and varieties! Just try to find a low-sugar brand to help protect their teeth from cavities.

4. Fruit

Not only is adding fruit to the lunch box a healthy option for every lunch, there are plenty of tasty fruits out there that are braces friendly. Any fruit that is soft in texture, once ripe, and sliced into bites can be easily enjoyed (safely) with braces.

5.  Soup

Grab a thermos and a can of your kids favorite soup to heat up and you have one simple, yet delicious lunch ready to go!

6.  Tortilla Wrap

Fill a tortilla with your kids favorite meat and cheese and you’re sure to have a lunchtime favorite! Try spreading cream cheese or hummus for a little added flavor. You may even be able to sneak some spinach in there too!

7.  Cottage Cheese

Soft and easy to eat, cottage cheese is packed with nutrients for your kiddo! It’s also great with mandarin oranges or peaches to add a little extra flavor.

8.  Pasta Salad

Simple to make in large quantities with all of your favorite toppings; pasta salad is something your whole family will love to take with them for lunch, not just your kids with braces.

9.  Baked Potato

Bake them the night before and you have a lunch-ready addition for the next day! Whatever toppings your child prefers, try putting them in individual tupperware containers ahead of time so they have all the ingredients to put on their potato the next day.

10. Quinoa with steamed veggies

Not only is quinoa a superfood, it’s also an easy food to eat with braces. Quinoa is small, soft and fun to add just about anything! Try adding cooked corn, carrots, broccoli, and/or chopped chicken breast for some added flair and protein.

Let us know what’s in your child’s lunchbox, we’d love to know what other braces-friendly foods you’re packing this Fall!

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