Orthodontic Before and After Gallery – Bend, OR

Results That Speak for Themselves

Incredible results and inspiring journeys from actual patients with transformational smiles from Struble Orthodontics.

Crossbite & Crowding

Crossbite and crowding was nicely alleviated without surgery or extractions for this beautiful female teenage patient.

Smile before and after orthodontic treatment for crossbite and crowding


Deepbite reduction and exceptional esthetic change for this young female patient.

Smile before and after treatment for deepbite


This adult female patient had many esthetic concerns and wanted to have esthetic restorative work completed. Orthodontic treatment helped position teeth and improve function to help increase success and longevity of the planned restorations.

Smile before and after cosmetic orthodontic treatment to improve appearance


Adult male with heavy traumatic anterior wear with no room for restorative treatment. Orthodontic treatment helped to position teeth to reduce dental trauma/wear and allow for restorative options to improve esthetics.

Smile before and after cosmetic orthodontics to imrpvoe appearnce after traumatic dental wear


Openbite correction was completed at a young age with minimal intervention. This change will greatly improve stability and health of teeth long-term.

Smile before and after orthodontic treatment for openbite


Anterior crossbite correction at a young age helps protect and prevent soft tissues and prevent incisor enamel wear.

Smile before and after othodontic treatment for anteiror crossbite


Significant underbite correction can be accomplished without surgery if diagnosed and managed at a young age.

Smile before and after treatment for underbite

Non-Surgical Jaw Correction

Profile improvement can be accomplished with orthopedic non-surgical jaw growth correction.

Smile before and after non-surgical jaw correction