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Emergency Dental Kits for your Home

Emergency Dental Kits for your Home
It’s an unexpected kit, but certainly a useful one.

Emergency Dental Kit for your Home | Struble Orthodontics Bend Oregon

It’s called an emergency dental kit, and they are designed as a temporary fix for common dental emergencies. These kits are easily put together and can fit alongside your home First Aid kit in your home closet or bathroom. The best part about your dental emergency kit is that all of these items can be found at the local pharmacy.

So, what should go in your kit?
General antibiotics and Ibuprofen act as a staple for toothaches and mouth pain.
Table salt packets can clean an open wound or sore in the mouth.
An anesthetic containing Benzocaine will also offer relief from irritation and cold sores on your lips, tongue and cheek.

For tooth pain, you can also find toothache drops. Apply directly to the tooth and it should ease the pain temporarily.
Irritation from sharp wires from braces can be deflected by cotton balls or beeswax, which can provide a barrier until you can see your dentist.
Lastly, a clean cloth and gauze should be in your kit in case of bleeding.

You can put together your own custom dental emergency kit yourself just by visiting your local pharmacy, or you can find a few online—Emergency Dental Kit was designed by a dentist and has supplies in case of common injuries. These include broken fillings, loose crowns, toothaches, tooth splinting and more. Keep in mind, however, that this kit is simply meant as a temporary aid until you can visit your dentist to fix the root of the problem. For true medical emergencies, see your doctor right away.

Keep in mind some important tips when using your dental emergency kit:

  • Always wash your hands before and after using the materials in your kit
  • Keep out of reach of children and make sure an adult is always present when the kit is in use
  • Clearly label the shelf life of the different components of the kit and update when necessary

Enjoy putting your dental kit together for your own home!

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